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Dropship Mike Integration BENEFITS
  • eCommerce Integration

    Dropship Mike integrates with Shopify & WooCommerce.

  • Try for Free

    Try Dropship Mike for free for 7 days.  Regular $6.99 per month.

  • Unlimited Orders

    Unlimited Order Process

  • Unlimited Items

    Unlimited item uploads

  • Auto Sync Tracking

    Once an order is fulfilled,

    tracking will sync automatically.

  • Premium Discounts

    Up to 40% discount is automatically applied.




If I am using the Dropship Mike integration plan, should I still join your PRO PLAN?

Dropship Mike is a stand alone plan powered by Onetify. PRO PLAN will give you more benefits even you are using the app integration.  Not all products are on the Dropship Mike integration, such as discounted bulk items (ie. school supplies, office supplies, kitchen supplies).  At the moment, Dropship Mike is integrated with Shopify & WooCommerce, if you are just starting off, you can easily sync items directly to your store with ease.

PRO PLAN features:

  • NOT all products will be available on Dropship Mike. PRO Plan gives you site-wide items

  • Pro Plan allows you to use private dropship discount codes to purchase directly from our site.

  • Better Cash Flow - you can choose to pay with PayPal credit on PRO Plan.  If your order is over $99, you can choose to pay the total over 6 months with 0% interest through PayPal credit.

  • PRO Plan gives you the flexibility of using our warehouse in North Carolina to handle your returns.  Customers can return an item under your store name.

  • Private monthly offers, with min. 50% Off

  • Limited free gift with subscription, value $46.95, CX1 True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds or  Leather Shoulder Bag.

Where do you ship from?

For most items / categories within the app, we ship from our Warehouse in the U.S for U.S shipping addresses.  For cell phone cases and watches, these items will be shipped from our international warehouse located in Hong Kong.  For Korean beauty /skincare products and Coseey Jewelry, these items will be shipped from our Seoul, S.Korea warehouse.

What is the shipping time?

For domestic U.S with shipments from the U.S, processing time is about 2 to 3 days. Shipping time is approximately 2 to 7 days.  For shipments from our Internal warehouse, processing time is about 2 to 4 days and shipping time is about 7 to 14 days.

What is the shipping fee?

We have 3 shipping fee's structured within Dropship Mike.

  1. Regular Domestic (US only) $6.99 per order.  Regardless of how many items within an the order, the flat rate is $6.99.  Order is shipped from our warehouse in North Carolina.

  2. International Shipping - shipped from our international warehouse, $6.99 per order.

  3. Low-Priced Flate Rate International Shipping - shipped from our International warehouse, $3.99 per order.

How do I decide which shipping method to use?

When you sync products to your shop, available shipping methods will be listed automatically. For example, the low- priced flat rate is not available on most items. Only available on Fashion accessories and cell phone cases.

Is tracking available?

Yes, tracking will be automatically synced once an order is fulfilled.

Will my customers receive a packing slip with Onetify's logo on it?
Your customers will not receive a packing slip with our logo on it, packing slips are under our logistic division name.


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