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Top 3 Reasons to build your email list!

Now that your eCommerce store is up and running, what’s next? Build your customer base with email signups. Email Marketing has never been more important. It allows your to connect with your audience and turn them into your customers. Building your base also allows you to have full control of the content your audience receives from you, as you know these are people that want to receive content from you since they have subscribed to your email list.

Top 3 Reasons to build your email list

  1. Creates brand awareness

  2. Creates customer loyalty

  3. Promote useful products to your list without having to rely entirely on paid advertisements 

An easy to use email marketing service is essential, we use Mailerlite here at Onetify. With Mailerlite you can easily create  personalized email campaigns in minutes to your audiences with easy to use tools. Some additional features includes Pop-up Subscribe Forms, Landing Page Creations, Embedded Signup forms, and Promotion Pop-ups, to name a few. Free plan is available for 1000 subscribers or less.


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